High performance, without forgetting the design: an FB showcase reflects an inimitable style that enhances the beauty of any location. Thanks to the exclusive technical refrigeration and innovative lighting systems, it will enable you to save your creations and expose them as if they were works of art


When talking about the production of refrigerated showcases and furniture for the food retail market, Clabo is the absolute leader. The company designs, produces and distributes its goods to the global markets thanks to its five commercial brands present in more than one hundred countries.

Founded in 2001 in Jesi (AN), the Group is the leader in the production of refrigerated showcases for the real homemade ice-cream. In 2002 Artic company from Montellabate (PU) joined the group, while in December 2004 was the absolute leader in ice-cream refrigerated showcases that affiliated with Clabo, that is to say the FB brand from Massa.

In a very short time, thanks to an ambitious business strategy, Clabo S.p.a. emerged as one of the European and global leading manufacturers in the ice-cream and pastry products exhibition and conservation. Furthermore, in the domestic market it is known as the most important Italian producer for the bar furnishing.

The administrative and production headquarters in Jesi (AN) are strictly related to its three foreign branches: Clabo USA Inc in the USA (Hayward, California), Orion International Trading Co.LTD in China (Shanghai) and Clabo Brasil in Brazil (São Paulo).

We offer modular counter systems for both front and back of house, store layout and design services, and parts and maintenance. 

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